"Bobby's work has given me much greater comfort in my body and a new awareness of how I stand, walk, and hold myself. Since working with Bobby, I have felt my back, shoulders, and jaw realign after years of misalignment. After I recently broke my foot, he worked to first calm the trauma in the area around the break and then to help my body find balance walking after months of walking with crutches and a walking boot. At this point, I consider Bobby's bodywork to be an essential part of my basic care routine. I can highly recommend him!""

Natanya L.

"Bobby has a nice way of easing you into this important deep work. He’s a caring healer and gives himself to you when you’re in session with him."

Stephen L.

"Bobby is the man. As a skateboarder, snowboarder, and automotive tech, my body definitely takes a beating. What massage therapists and chiropractors can’t resolve, Bobby can - and has. I literally feel like my body is back in alignment. My skating has improved, I’m more defined with my speech, my posture is better, I walk more stable... the list goes on. Awesome guy, awesome practice, awesome results. 11/10."

Kyle R.

"Bobby is a true healer and skilled practitioner . He improved my posture 100 percent and relieved my body from years of built up trauma. I did all 10 sessions and am still reaping the benefits. I highly recommend his perfect touch."

Kay T.

"Excellent repair and alignment of my posture! I followed the 10 session plan and it tremendously helped me while I amped up my training sessions at the gym. Will make this a regular part of my routine. Bobby is thoughtful, methodical, caring, very accommodating, and professional. I recommend without reservation."

Gordon R.

"Words can hardly describe how happy I am to have experienced this awesome series. Even after the first session, I quickly learned that my alignment and mind body awareness were improving drastically. After completing the series, I feel incredibly fluid, connected, mindful, (and taller!) Bobby's calm energy, extensive knowledge, professionalism, and insightfulness are what made this series so enjoyable. His beautiful perspective on the world informs his work and adds a therepeutic and collaborative element that I found to be incredibly valuable and unique. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone!"

Phoebe L.

"Bobby is magic! He’s used Rolfing to improve my body’s alignment and overall structure. I saw physical changes over time thru the series and still see the benefits months later."